Open up your mind and breathe...

We are all capable of change, however old we become, and the brain is remarkably flexible or "plastic" throughout the lifespan. Everyone has times in life when they struggle with one thing or another.
Hypnosis and other mind-body techniques can help you to feel better, change old habits, and become more self aware. When you are hypnotized, you enter a focused, trance state where you become more open to suggestions. Once in that comfortable, relaxed state, the hypnotherapy tools and techniques help to bring about positive, beneficial change. These mind-body techniques often work very quickly compared to other approaches like talk therapy.
I am Claire de la Varre, a consulting hypnotist and hypnosis instructor. I have been in private practice since 2008.
Here is a short video about my background and experience, and how I work with clients:
About Claire
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