Open up your mind and breathe...

Hypnosis and other mind-body techniques can help you feel better, change old habits, and become more self aware.

In hypnosis you enter a focused, relaxed state where you become more open to suggestions. Hypnotherapy tools and techniques help to bring about positive, beneficial change. These mind-body techniques often work very quickly compared to other approaches like talk therapy.
I am a consulting hypnotherapist and hypnosis instructor, in private practice since 2008. ~ Claire de la Varre
Here is a short video about my background and experience, and how I work with clients:
About Claire
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How many sessions will I need?

Most people see me for 2-8 sessions so when we first talk I will give you an estimate of how many sessions I think you will need. Occasionally an issue can even be resolved in a single session.

My Programs contain a fixed number of sessions e.g. 5 hours for smoking or weight release. They are customized to meet your needs as a client and include all materials, such as mp3 recordings and homework. Please see the Programs page for more information.