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I am currently in Chapel Hill (until March 31) and will be back fulltime in Chapel Hill from late May onwards.

How many sessions will I need? 

Most people see me for 2 to 6 sessions although sometimes an issue can be resolved in a single session and sometimes it can take longer. 

If you would like 4 sessions or more, I recommend that you purchase a package of 4 for a discount over the single session rate.


I also offer 5-hour programs for smoking cessation or weight release that are customized to meet your needs and include all materials, such as mp3 recordings and homework.

See the Programs page for more information.



1-hour: $150  90-mins: $225 

Four x 1-hour sessions: $550

Five hour program for smoking cessation or weight release: $695


Child (6-11) or Adolescent (12-19)   

includes 50-minute session + customized mp3 recording

Assessment  $150    Follow-up $120      

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