Services I Offer

Medical Hypnosis

Many of my clients find come to me because they have a medical condition that has not been resolved satisfactorily. For example, a broken ankle that has not healed as quickly as expected, or chronic pain lingering from an old injury. If you are experiencing an unexplained symptom, you may notice that stress makes it worse. You may even have been told that you will just have to learn to live with a  chronic condition.


Even with the diagnosis of a terminal illness, like metastatic cancer or Lou Gehrig's disease, it is possible to improve your quality of life by using hypnosis to manage pain, sleep, stress, fear, and negative emotions.


Hypnosis is a technique for inducing a focused, trance state where you become more open to suggestions. Hypnotherapy is a suite of tools and techniques applied when a client is in a comfortable, relaxed trance state to bring about positive, beneficial change. I am experienced in a wide range of hypnotherapy protocols. These mind-body techniques typically work very quickly compared to other approaches like talk therapy.

Please Note

It is important to make sure that there is no undiagnosed physical or medical problem underlying your issue. Please consult your PCP for any physical symptoms you have been having before you work with me! I am not qualified to offer any diagnosis or medical opinion. I may suggest that you see a physician, psychiatrist, or other healthcare provider for a problematic symptom if you have not already done so. Please feel free to share with your doctor that you are consulting a hypnotist for your issue.


Here are some of the issues I work with

This is not an exhaustive list, so if your particular concern is not mentioned please ask me about it!


  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or unable to relax

  • Sleep problems like insomnia or nightmares, or even being disturbed by a partner who snores

  • Smoking cessations

  • Reducing or stopping alcohol use

  • Stopping bad habits like nail biting or hair pulling

  • Childhood issues e.g. sleep, separation anxiety, fear of the dark, bed-wetting, school problems

  • Feeling low, sad, down or depressed

  • Grief that won't go away

  • Anxiety, worries, or repetitive thoughts

  • Panic attacks, fears and phobias

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Functional gastrointestinal disorders e.g. IBS, abdominal  aches and pains, nausea

  • Migraines, headaches

  • Chronic pain and injuries that are not healing fast enough

  • Dental or medical anxiety, fear of blood or needles

  • Self-confidence, test anxiety, procrastination, public speaking, time management

  • Anger management