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Weight Release Program


Introduction and Overview

Congratulations! You are likely here for some combination of the following reasons:

  • you want to take back control of your life

  • become healthy

  • manage your weight

  • work on your self esteem

  • change your behaviors and attitudes towards food and eating

  • learn to accept and even love your body

  • stop beating yourself up

  • stop sabotaging yourself


Maybe you have tried every diet under the sun, and have even lost weight quite successfully, just to have it creep back on over time, sometimes a very short time.

Most dieters who lose weight gain some or all of it back within two years. It is not the diet itself that is at fault - many people lose weight by following diets - but rather the mindset that a "diet" is something you undertake for a time limited period and then stop. Well of course the weight will creep back on if you revert to your old pre-diet habits. 

Those people who lose weight and successfully keep it off make permanent lifestyle changes - not just in behavior but in attitude. So, while this program is NOT advocating that you "go on a diet" it does encourage you to make a number of incremental changes over a period of weeks that will help you become more healthy, self-aware, confident, mindful, and accepting of yourself. Along the way you will reconstitute your body, the foods that you like and even crave will change significantly, and you will feel much, much better than you feel today.

Think of this program as a lifestyle overhaul or makeover - this is not just something you do for a few weeks, but an improved way of living, where you learn to pay attention to what your body, and your subconscious mind, is telling you. Some of that may surprise you! 

Each session is customized to your needs and goals, and the materials you work with at home reinforce the positive changes you will experience.

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