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Ready to Quit Smoking?

If you have already tried to quit smoking multiple times, think of those attempts as trial runs. Quitting smoking is an investment in yourself! Imagine if you had stopped 10 years ago... how would you feel today? Sure, you had your reasons for starting but stop saying "I wish I had quit years ago!" and commit to doing it now.


​"I have effectively kicked my smoking habit! I do not crave or think about them really at all ... even when they are kind of "in my face". I feel truly free of them. And I really attribute this to my sessions with Claire, especially our first one, when she made me think about why I wanted to quit, and how they fit in my life, and how serious I was about quitting. I am a believer!" ~KV, North Carolina

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Take back control! Quitting smoking is much easier with help. You set your quit date when you are truly ready to quit and the post-quit materials provide ongoing support. You have two options: the Quit with Claire online 6-step smoking cessation program ($349) or the live in-person 5-hour program ($695).

Option 1 ($349): Quit with Claire self-paced online program

This self-paced program contains 10 mp3 recordings and other materials delivered through a password-protected website. Work through the lessons, incorporate the tips, tricks, tools and strategies in your daily life, and listen to guided imagery recordings. Choose this option if you are a highly motivated and independent learner ready for rapid success! 


All materials are yours to keep and use with no expiration date, and are delivered through a password-protected website. 

Optional add-on: two live sessions (online) in addition to the self-paced program. (Total $499)

Option 2 ($695): Five hour in-person program

Includes all materials. Via Zoom (or in-office by prior arrangement)

Five hours of live work with me, plus all the materials of Option 1. Choose this option if you feel overwhelmed, anxious or "it's complicated" when you think about quitting smoking.

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