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Advanced Integrative Therapy

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Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) is a gentle, powerful treatment that heals body, psyche, and spirit. AIT removes the aftereffects of a trauma, strengthening the individual by instilling positive qualities and productive beliefs.

You have perhaps come across the phrase "the body keeps the score" (also the title of a book by Bessel van der Kolk about how trauma is held in the body). When you have experienced a traumatic event and it has not been properly processed, you may have physical symptoms, as well as anxiety, rumination, panic attacks and trouble sleeping. You have "issues in your tissues" meaning that the body is holding on to and expressing the aftereffects of trauma, whether physical or emotional, long after any physical injuries have healed or the threat has passed.

AIT was developed in the US by Dr Asha Clinton and brings together several modalities:

Psychodynamic: Understanding the unconscious process where our past experiences in significant relationships influence how we experience ourselves and others in the present.

Cognitive-Behavioural: Promoting healing through understanding and changing our beliefs and behaviours.

Transpersonal: Integrating the symbolic and spiritual to experience balance, wholeness, and access our own guidance.

Energy Psychology: based on the premise that everything, e.g. thoughts, feelings, memories, physical sensations and trauma, consists of energy. Trauma blocks the flow of energy in the body – AIT helps to release it. 

AIT works by totally removing the traumatic energy directly from the client that is stored in memories, emotions, beliefs, physical sensations and - in more serious cases - in psychological disorders, physical illnesses, and spiritual blockages.


AIT offers more complex methods for the treatment of difficult disorders, illnesses, and blockages, assuring that the repetitive traumas that cause many disorders stop repeating. And AIT has special treatment methods for many complex disorders, for example, attachment disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders including OCD and GAD, and many illnesses including cancer.

Because we focus consciously and directly on traumatic energy and its movement, all AIT treatment happens quickly compared to traditional psychotherapeutic treatment.

I have used AIT protocols in my work since 2010 and became certified as an AIT Practitioner in 2017. I have completed training in several AIT modules between 2010 and 2021. These include Basic AIT, Mastering AIT, Multicausal (Psychogenic) Illness, Cancer Prevention and Treatment, and Treating Historical, Systemic and Racial Trauma.  I was trained by Asha Clinton, PhD and Vann Joines, PhD.

For more information about AIT please visit the AIT Institute website or the AIT Europe-UK website.

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