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This full-day program (9-5pm, includes a healthful lunch) allows you to take a deep dive into yourself, with guided support from Claire. This program is uniquely tailored to YOU! You will come away feeling renewed, with greater clarity of mind, a clearer sense of purpose, more understanding of what motivates you, and increased self-understanding. You will also learn some self-care techniques to do in your own time, to support ongoing personal growth. 

We will discuss and decide on the specific content of the retreat between us prior to the actual day.

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Activities may include a mix of the following:

  • Hypnosis tools and techniques

    • for self-care, relaxation, medical symptoms, stress reduction, managing fear or anxiety, weight release, smoking cessation, better sleep, boundaries, embodiment, and/or relationship issues

  • Emotional needs audit

  • Personality assessment

  • Deep hypnosis work e.g. parts therapy, past life regression, or transpersonal work

  • Energetic clearing of trauma

  • Listening to the voice of the heart

  • Listening to messages from the body

  • Life script interview to become aware of problematic patterns in your life

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