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This customized program consists of four 90-minute sessions (a total of 6 hours) plus online materials and homework exercises

Low self-esteem and the lack of self confidence that goes with it, can feel like an innate personality flaw rather than a problem you can do something about. It may be that you come from a family where physical, mental, or emotional abuse was the norm. You may have been bullied in school. You may have been raised by self-absorbed, narcissistic parents. You may be in a relationship where you find yourself repeating old destructive patterns and ignoring your own needs. There are many possible underlying reasons why you never feel good enough.

This program helps you look at the difficult or negative circumstances of your life in a more objective and less emotional way, and offers hope for the future. You can change the way your brain is wired, through small incremental changes. It may take some time but you can make a difference. Learn coping strategies, reframe self talk, gain self-confidence, and master techniques to move you beyond anxiety and out of depression, 

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