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Siggi Seagull Learns to Let Go of Poop is a book by Dr Claire de la Varre for children aged 4-7 who poop in the wrong place, don't want to poop, hold on to their poop, or are scared to poop. The medical term for this is "encopresis." The book contains a section with advice for parents, as well as a logbook for the child to record their success.


Free mp3 recordings

1. Siggi Seagull Learns to Let Go of Poop

2. Relaxation for Stressed Parents

Dr Claire de la Varre is a therapist and hypnotherapist who works with children and teens with functional bowel disorders, including IBS, encopresis, unexplained symptoms like stomach aches, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, and other GI problems like swallowing issues or dislike of food textures. 


Comments from Readers


My daughter loved it! We listened to it [mp3 recording] together and then she asked to listen to it again when she was trying to use the potty. I really appreciate your help! 

                            ~ Parent of 4-year old

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