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Couples and
relationship issues

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RESET & RECONNECT - 8 hour program $995

Is life getting in the way of your relationship? Does your partner take a back seat to kids, work, friends, chores and walking the dog?


Take this 8 hour program is spread over 6 weeks and is designed to help you reconnect as a couple and rediscover the spark. You will meet with me 4 times as a couple and twice individually. There will be homework exercises to do together and separately.

In the first session we'll discuss the rules for the program, discover your points of view as a couple about the problems that you think/feel/believe are troubling your partnership, and we'll do an emotional needs audit and "personality" assessment of your relationship.

When I meet with you individually you can work on personal or private issues that are affecting your relationship. What is said in individual sessions is confidential and will not be shared with your partner unless you have given permission to do so.


In the final session, we will review your experiences of the program and will revisit the emotional needs audit to see how things have changed.

REcover, heal and restore - 8 hour program $995

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, past hurts and traumas sabotage our relationships. We may find ourselves repeating destructive patterns that we learned from our parents or experienced in previous intimate relationships. There may be a history of addictive, controlling or abusive behavior, infidelity or betrayal, loss of trust, lack of  authentic communication, psychological withdrawal, sexual problems, low self esteem, poor body image, feeling defensive, or an inability to acknowledge emotions or express empathy. Perhaps you have already decided that this relationship cannot be salvaged and you need help and strategies to exit gracefully.


In this 8 hour program we will gently release past trauma and address the root causes of the discontent with the relationship. You can attend as a couple, or by yourself.  If your partner is willing to attend, you will meet with me twice as a couple and three times individually over the course of 6 weeks. There will be homework exercises to do. If you would prefer, you can do this program on your own.

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